With a lifelong love of jewelry and world travel, Chicago-native Keisha Noel channeled her passions to launch her eponymous jewelry line, KZ Noel. Now based in Atlanta, this brilliant line of bracelets and necklaces is inspired by nature and her adventures around the globe. The elegant yet exotic pieces feature semi-precious and natural elements such as jade, fresh water pearls, genuine diamonds and unique finds like black lava and white coral. Noel’s designs are handcrafted and entirely authentic: All pearls are strung by Asian artisans, uncut diamonds collected in India, and beads and stones gathered on her travels. The trend-driven line is sold across the country and has become a go-to for one-of-a-kind designs.


Designed by hand using oxidized sterling silver, gold, and gemstones, KZ Noel makes a quiet yet pronounced statement. With bold, elegant contours and a distinct carven look, her pieces demand to be touched, and jump out of the case at shoppers who want quality jewelry that attracts just the right level of attention. The collections within the line work together, so the wearer can mix new and older pieces to create a variety of looks. The line was founded in 2011 and is sold exclusively by fine retailers.


Keisha Noel designs for women who desires an elegant and trend driven look. Using semi precious and natural elements, Keisha appeals to women with a highly cultivated lifestyle. She wants her clients to feel as though they have traveled the world while wearing her jewelry. “When a woman is wearing my jewelry, I want her to feel like she is a woman of the world who jetsets to exotic locales “states Keisha.

​Born and raised in Chicago, Keisha’s earliest memories are of playing in her grandmother’s jewelry box and accessorizing her dolls with her mother’s jewelry. As a child, while most of Keisha’s friends saved their money to go to movies or out for pizza, Keisha saved her money to purchase jewelry from the many costume jewelry catalogues that were delivered to her home.

Her jewelry design inspiration comes from her travels. Be it the crystal waters of the Caribbean, the snow caped alps in Switzerland, the architecture in Shanghai or the desert in Cabo San Lucas all of the elements of nature inspire her to design.

Maintaining her commitment to a traveled lifestyle, under Keisha’s direction all pearls are strung by Asian artisans, uncut diamonds collected in India and beads and stones gathered during her travels.

The KZ Noel Collection ushers in a new era of jewelry design, be a part of the era today.